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Kisikan Untuk Informasi ZetaTalk Mendatang Tentang MH370

 on Kamis, 20 Maret 2014  

Untuk penjelasan lanjutan (sebagai update laman ini) mengenai kecelakaan pesawat MH370 ada di :

Baca juga: Jawaban Atas Kecelakaan Pesawat Boeing 777-200 [MH370]

Pertanyaan untuk ZetaTalk Chat for March 22, 2014:

The Zetas have already addressed what has happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in this newsletter
This raises questions of:

1. Where is it? Or, Are search and rescue searching in the correct area? Or has the earth wobble created unusual ocean currents that have carried the wreckage into an area beyond what any profiling information could accurately calculate?
And then, the Malaysian government have had a field day in the media with stories of first it being a bomb, then it circled back, and now the latest it has been hijacked.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 traced seven hours after it went missing as hijacking becomes more likely
It seems the eyes of the world are on this incident, and I am hoping it is going to give proof of the truth the Zetas have been telling us ever since they started fore warning of Planet X aka Nibiru heading for us.

2. What is with the Malaysian Government, that they appear to be spilling anything that first comes to mind even if it is a theory? Did the Oil Rig worker spot the crash?
Oil rig worker says he saw Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 burst into flames
My heart aches for the family and friends of the missing flight, they must be in utter agony of not knowing the truth.
With love Eve.

Nancy Lieder menjawab pada Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014:

I've been following this closely and suspect the plane will soon be found. Thus, declined.
A ghost ship, all crew and passengers dead from lack of oxygen, blown this way or that by winds after having turned part way back (pointing to the west) before the pilot blacked out. I am doing up a big newsletter thing for next weekend but will give the basic outline HERE, now. Lots of false leads.
MH 370 disappeared from radar somewhere over the waters between the Malay Peninsula and the tip of Viet Nam. There was no distress call, and the plane disappeared from radar.

All electronics on board stopped, including the transponder and automatic updates from the Rolls Royce engine collected and recorded for maintenance. The plane disappeared from civilian radar which keys off the transponder, at 1:21 am and any automatic periodic system updates from the plane and plane’s engines, sent every hour, stopped, the last received at 1:07 am. China authorities indicate a steep decline as it went off radar, and report the plane veered from 024 to 333 at that point.
FALSE LEADS were that the plane had been kidnapped, as the automatic system updates from the planes cannot be readily turned off, though the transponder can.  Two stolen passports were traced to Iranian youths trying to escape to and gain entry to Europe.
Was it an explosion, such as a bomb? Was the plane hit by a meteor or bolide? The weather was crystal clear, and nothing appeared on any satellite images of the region.
FALSE LEADS were an oil slick which was found to be from ship oil, and any pieces of debris were moss covered sea junk. An explosion would leave a wide debris field, but not a single piece of debris has been located.
FALSE LEADS in the days following the disappearance were some Chinese satellite photos showing what was presumed to be floating white debris, but which later proved to be clouds. And a claim by an oil rig worker offshore from the tip of Viet Nam that he had seen a flaming plane falling from the sky also could not be confirmed and was suspected of being a hoax. Both claims were located in the same area – the South China Sea.
The Malay military noted a plane flying over the Malay Peninsula to the west, at 29,500 feet, and out toward the Indian Ocean at 2:15 am.
(Military radar does not require an operating transponder.) Signals from what could be a 777 airliner were received by satellite in the area also, for up to 5 hours. This appeared to be only a ping trying to establish contact but no additional information. 
Could the plane be flying on automatic at high altitude, out of control with fried electronics?
Per a pilots forum, an unguided aircraft would fly on, in the current heading, keeping the plane stable in a phugoid oscillation and turning according to the flight plan even if no longer headed in the right direction. If the compression systems in the aircraft were fried, the passengers and crew would have passed out in less than a minute due to lack of oxygen, and died, yet the plane could fly on. This is what happened to Air France 447.
A succession of a dozen technical messages showed that several electrical systems had broken down, most ominously the pressurization system - a totally unprecedented situation in the plane. 
Based on the amount of fuel in the plane, the search area was vastly expanded.
FALSE LEADS suggesting that the plane was still whole were the oddly ringing cell phones of crew and passengers, but this was explained as only a ring tone in the QQ network, not an actual connection to the physical phone. 370 
The plane just went silent. Per the Zetas, this was another case of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from Planet X, similar to the Air France 447 episode in 2009 and the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam transformer explosion, also in 2009. 
ZetaTalk, provided on Sunday March 9, 2014, proven right once again. [Baca: Jawaban Atas Kecelakaan Pesawat Boeing 777-200]

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